How to use MATCH for arrays?

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How to use MATCH for arrays?

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to build a function which checks for multiple criteria in an array and if met, returns a value from a certain column in the array.

INDEX combined with MATCH is generally great for this but so far I have used it only when certain criteria was checked only in certain column and row and all the tutorials I've found also use it in this way.
E.g. when I check for values A2 in column C and value B2 in column D at the same time and want to return value from 6th column when these two criteria are met, I use this:

However, now I need the to check for multiple criteria to be met in a single row but not knowing in which columns to expect which criteria.
So I would need to use something like


but obviously it doesn't work this way.

Can you please suggest the proper syntax or function to achieve this?

How to use MATCH for arrays? | Five Minute Lessons

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