IF Statement Required

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IF Statement Required

I'm unable to copy and paste anything into the file so its difficult to explain

Basically my worksheet contains several columns but the ones I'm interested in are as follows

Ireland Field Service Department-investigated no
Ireland Yes
Ireland:14-JAN-2016 Yes
Ireland - investigated No
Ireland:13-feb-2016:19-may-2016 Yes
Ireland Field investigation Dept.Investigate No

These are some of the scenarios above, basically the Product in Ireland - should contain Ireland/IRELAND, Ireland:.....
Product in Irelad = No should contain all else e.g Ireland Field Service Department- investigated, Ireland - investigated etc

The formula I was using is =IF(OR(LEFT([@[USR_CXP_DPSL]],7)="Ireland",LEFT([@[USR_CXP_DPSL]],8)="Ireland:"),"Yes","No"), but this does not return Product in Ireland = Ireland/IRELAND.

Thanks for any help!

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