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Problem with formula

I would like to write a nested if formula to do the following
Students have marks from 68% to 90%. The formula must do the following
If a student has 81% or more then they should get an "A". If a student has between 72 and 81% they should get a "B" and below 72% should get them in the C group.
My formula at the moment looks like this
=IF(AB2>=81;"1");IF(AB2<81;"B");IF(AB2<72;"C") but I get a #VALUE! number. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. If I just put in the first part of the formula IF(AB2>=81;"1") it work fine but anything else gives me a #value!.

Please help.

try this


Need help please

Need help setting up aging list using IF in excel 2007
days marked from 30 days 1-15 day 16- 30 day 31-90 and 90 day over.

I am already confused please help me with the correct formula.

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