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Quickly enter a formula in multiple cells

Entering the same formula or value into multiple cells can be time consuming and boring. Most people, if they want to enter the same formula into a row or column of data, will enter the formula in the first cell, then copy and paste it into the rest of the cells where they need the formula. This lesson shows you an even faster way to do it.

There is a quicker way to do this:

  • Select the cells where you want the formula to go
  • Type the formula into the cell (but don't press ENTER just yet)
  • Hold the CTRL key down, then press ENTER

The formula will be entered into all the cells you had selected, taking account of any relative references you had in the original formula (i.e. C3 will become C4 in the next cell down, etc)

This also works if you want to quickly enter a value into a range of cells. Simply select all the cells, type the value into the first cell, then press CTRL+ENTER.

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Finding blank rows

Thanks for this feature, really helpful and for me finding BLANKS in 1000's of entries was always a cumbersome and with this update, i am grateful. Works and works very well, USE CTRL+ENTER properly

i am not able to do as

i am not able to do as mentioned in the details in website.. i am not able to use control and enter in MacBook. can u plz do needful

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