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Set banding colors in Word 2010 table styles

Word 2010 offers Table Styles to allow you to apply a style to a table in your document.

You can use the built-in table styles by clicking inside a table, then clicking Design on the toolbar. You will see a range of table styles to choose from.

Part of the table style is an option to set 'banding' within the table. This allows you to automatically set shading on each row of the table. The idea is that you can shade alternate rows different colors. The table styles are a quick and easy way to do this.

You can create your own table style by expanding the Table Styles section on the toolbar and choosing New Table Style. From there you can name your style and configure the settings for the style.

To control the colour of the bandings, change the Formatting scope ("Apply formatting to" from Whole Table to Odd Rows or Even Rows (or Columns if you want to set column banding).

Then, click the Format button and choose Borders and Shading from the list of options. After that you can set the shading color as you would normally for a table. This color will then be applied automatically when you apply that table style.