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Repeat Microsoft Word table headings across multiple pages

When you create a large table in Microsoft Word that spans multiple pages, you'll find on the second and subsequent pages that the table headings don't repeat. In this lesson you'll learn how to configure one or more rows of your table to repeat at the top of the page for every page on which your table appears. This lesson applies to tables in Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows and Word 2011 for Mac (as well as Word 2007 for Windows).

Configure the headings row of a Microsoft Word table to repeat on every page

This lesson assumes you have already created a table in Microsoft Word, and formatted the first row as the heading for the table. This is the row that should appear on each page the table appears on.

To configure the first row of your table to repeat on each page, follow these steps:

  • Right-click inside the first row of the table and choose Table Properties
    Microsoft Word selecting Table Properties for a table
  • In the Table Properties screen, click the Row tab if it is not already selected.
  • Select the option to Repeat as header row at the top of each page
    Microsoft Word table properties, row settings
  • Click OK to confirm your selection.
  • Be aware that you won't notice any difference to your table if the table doesn't currently span more than one page. You may want to add extra rows to the table just to be sure.

Note that you can choose more than one row in your table. This means that multiple rows from the top of your table will repeat on each page. If you want to configure more than one row as the heading for your table, simply select the first row and any additional rows, then repeat the steps above. Note that you can select as many rows as you want, but you MUST include the first row of the table for this to work.