If you're looking to learn Excel from scratch, or you have a basic understanding but need help to develop your Excel skills, you're in the right place. This page lists a series of lessons and tutorials that have been designed to help you get started with Excel so you can start to use it more effectively. Each lesson should take around five minutes to complete, and sometimes less. So you can come back here regularly and get better and smarter with Excel every time.

Print an Excel 2010 spreadsheet with page numbers

In this lesson, we cover how to print an Excel spreadsheet with page numbers on each page. Excel has changed a lot over the years, but one thing that hasn't changed is the way that you insert page numbers into a spreadsheet. Unfortunately, Excel 2010 does not make it easy to find the options for doing this. This lesson covers the basics of inserting page numbers as well as providing an overview of some more advanced options.

Calculating the current date and time in an Excel spreadsheet

There are many scenarios where you may need to use the current date and time in your spreadsheets. You may simply need to display the current date in a spreadsheet report. Or, you may need to perform a calculation that uses the current date or time. This lesson shows you how to enter a formula into a cell in Excel that outputs the current date and/or time, and updates automatically as time passes.

Scale your spreadsheet to fit on one page when printing from Excel

Printing from Excel can be very frustrating, especially if your spreadsheet is too wide or too tall to fit on a single page.

You can use the Scaling option in Page Setup to set limits on how many pages wide and tall your document should be when you print it. The problem with that is that you can find your page fits onto one page, but becomes too small to read. Not only that, but Excel ignores any manual page breaks you've entered. This lesson explains how you can print your spreadsheet so it automatically scales to be one page wide without forcing the rows into a single page.


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